Wednesday, May 26, 2010


and that little silhouette and is Miss Anna again. So I've decided this post should be read backwards, starting from the end. My outfit was:H&M dress, Urban Outfitters jeans, Target shoes, Old Navy sweater, and my beloved Urban Outfitters hat that I refer to as "Pretty in Pink" hat. And the camera? It's my Film Slr Nikon N2020 <3

self portrait :)


and this is the cute old lady who made us tacos. I had Anna ask her in Spanish if I could take her picture and she was very confused.

and this is Miss Razzle Dazzle fellow Omaha blogger and an Old Friend


  1. I like how the pictures I took look blurry,

  2. I like them a lot too. If I didn't i wouldn't have posted them.